Meet the Team!


COMMUNITY's board is made up of 7 individuals, creating a team of diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Nosheen Ameeri

Director of Membership

As a Physical Therapist, Nosheen has the opportunity to interact with and help the very community she lives in.  She is passionate about giving back to the community where she has grown up and where she now raises her own children.  In her spare time, Nosheen enjoys hiking, cycling and spending time with family and friends.

Headshot - Medeeha Khan 1
Medeeha Khan

Director of Finance

Medeeha has a Bachelor's in Finance and an MBA in Business Analytics. She is a photography and traveling enthusiast who loves event planning and DIY crafts. She has been involved in philanthropic work for as long as she can remember, and is sure to always plug her love for Excel into all of her event planning!

Lena Siddiqi

Director of Strategy

As a fundraising professional, Lena has a passion for giving back to the community both while working for the American Heart Association and in her free time. She is a born and bred Jersey Girl who enjoys biking and hiking with her husband and two young children.


Director of Communications

Contact us if you are interested in running for this position!

Mario R. Rodriguez

Director of Reporting

Mario, or “Rico” as he’s known when not signing something official, left sunny San Diego for the East Coast when he was 18 and has only occasionally looked back, usually during the winter. His hobbies include keeping up with his wife and kids, karaoke, and looking for opportunities to connect people.

Hafeza Shaikh

Director of Projects

Hafeza, DO, was born and raised in NJ. She loves to create projects that unite different types of people and are as much fun as they are work. A cardiologist by trade, she also emphasizes the importance of emotional and spiritual health.

Fozia Janjua

Director of Governance

Fozia is passionate about building strong communities through mentorship and service. Growing up in San Francisco, CA, she was an active leader in several city-run programs that helped high-risk inner city kids by teaching them study skills and tools to help them become successful students.  She’s worked with over 100 kids in various programs, and now works hard to maintain her sanity while raising her four boys.  Fozia holds a  Bachelors in Sociology from the University of California, Berkeley.