Other Projects

Other projects include: goodie bags, food pantry assistance, and more!

July 2018

COMMUNITY SJP celebrated Christmas in July with the residents of Artis Senior Living of Evesham by decorating gingerbread houses while listening to Christmas carols.
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June 2018

COMMUNITY SJP provided over 200 goodie bags to kids celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr, the Islamic religious holiday following the holy month of Ramadan, during which Muslims fast everyday from dawn to dusk. In many Muslim countries, Eid is celebrated for three days. Eid traditionally starts with a morning prayer, followed by a short sermon. After the prayer, Muslims wish those around them a happy Eid. People typically spend their holiday visiting relatives and friends, wearing traditional clothes, giving gifts or money to children, and donating to charity. Each goodie bag included: a deck of cards, bubbles, pencils, erasers, and an assortment of candies.
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November 2017

COMMUNITY SJP held an Autumn Giving Event at the Rowan College at Burlington County. Rowan students decorated Turkey Pumpkins for families in need and assembled no-sew blankets for children at CHOP and Providence House.
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