Register Now! #NJFDS2021

Hi, friends! Friendly reminder about our upcoming event this Sunday, May 23. Spots are filling up quickly so please remember to register!

Each attendee must register individually, including kids.

Availability as of this morning:
12:30-1:20pm (full)
1:30-2:20pm (full)
2:30-3:20pm (12 available)
3:30-4:20pm (23 available)
4:30-5:30pm (28 available)

Registration Link:

#CommUNITYSJP #YourCommUNITYCares #CarePackages #NJFDS2021

2 thoughts on “Register Now! #NJFDS2021”

  1. I registered for me, and my 2 children for the 230-320 slot, but didn’t get confirmation or followup email.

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